My research focuses on data mining, high performance computing and networks.   My research projects are funded by DOE and BNL LDRD. Current Projects are:
TeraPaths: Configuring End-to-End Virtual Network Paths with QoS Guarantees.

The TeraPaths project investigates the use and integration of Differentiated Services-based LAN QoS and WAN MPLS technologies in data-intensive distributed computing environments, such as the RHIC/ATLAS computing environment. The goal of the project is to provide the capability of managing the network as a critical resource in the same way as resource schedulers/batch managers manage CPU resources in a multi-user environment.

StorNet: Co-Scheduling Network and Storage with TeraPaths and SRM

Design and development of an integrated end-to-end resource provisioning and management system for high performance data transfer framework to leverage heterogeneous network protocols and storage types in a federated computing environment.

100GFTP: An Ultra-High Speed Data Transfer Service Over DOE Advanced Network Environment

100G FTP is newly funded to design and develop an ultra high speed end-to-end file transfer protocol and tool to move science data at a speed of 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) across the national scale 100Gbps data network interconnecting research centers.

Climate Data Mining and Visualization
To facilitate and accelerate evaluation and improvement of global climate models, this project will develop and implement an integrated framework of data access and manipulation, data mining, scientific visualization, and statistical analysis tools for ultra-scale analysis of observations from disparate sources and model simulations. Our goal is to assist both component level and system level model evaluation studies by BNL's climate project that is dedicated to improve the parameterization of fast processes in GCMs using continuous ARM observations.