Stony Brook Milutin Stanacevic
Integrated Microsystems Lab
Our research efforts are focused on advancing fundamental knowledge in the areas of near-zero-power communication, sensing and computing and design and engineering of sensory microsystems that operate using only harvested energy. We develop both core technologies and applications along several research thrusts founded on the tiny self-powered sensors that can coherently sense their surrounding, process the sensed data, communicate with each other and are distributed through an environment or implanted within a human body. The applications are wide-ranging with potential impact in various fields, such as smart spaces, environmental/infrastructure monitoring, and healthcare with substantial benefits to science, industry, and society at large.

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Milutin Stanacevic, Professor
Dyumaan Arvind, PhD student
Puyang Zheng, PhD student
Yang Xie, PhD student
Pengxu Chen, PhD student
Hosein Haghshenas, PhD student
Former Members:
Xiao Sha, Ph.D, now with Synopsys, Inc.
Abeer Ahmad, Ph.D, now with Rochester Institute of Technology
Manav Jain, Ph.D, now with Intel, Corp.
Yuanfei Huang, Ph.D, now with Qualcomm, Inc.
Wenbin Hou, Ph.D, now with Analog Devices, Inc.
Yasha Karimi, Ph.D, now with iota Biosciences
Jinghui Jian, Ph.D, now with Lorentz Solution, Inc.
Jie Ma, Ph.D, now with ALA Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Shuo Li, Ph.D, now with Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.
Yingkan Lin, Ph.D, now with Apple, Inc.
Xiao Yun, Ph.D, now with Synopsys, Inc.
Donghwi Kim, Ph.D., now with Intel Corp.
Daniel Khemraj, M.S., now with Texas Instruments
Yi-Shin Yeh, M.S., now Ph.D. candidate at North Carolina State University
Aditya Shyam Ambre, M.S., now with Qualcomm
Aniruddha Dayalu, M.S., now with ON Semiconductor
Yi Huang, M.S., now with Interstil Corp.
Ram Gandhi, M.S., now with Intel Corp.