Selected unpublished notes

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  Coherent States of 2DEG   [ cs.pdf (66K) ]

Commutation relations
Creation and destruction operators
Number operators

Coherent States
Scalar product

Neumann Lattice
Examples (square, hexagonal, general 2D crystal)

Coordinate Representation
Vacuum state
Bargmann-like representation
Connectin with scalar product

Motion of Coherent State Wave-Packets
Crossed electric and magnetic fields

Perelomov's Theorem
bi-orthogonal bases

2D-Electron Gas on a Sphere   [ sph.pdf (13K) ]

Density of States (3D from 2D, etc)   [ dos.pdf (43K) ]

Phonon bottleneck  [ bottleneck.pdf (51K) ]

Quantum Cascade Laser   [ qcl.pdf (41K) ]

Quantum Capacitance (three-terminal)   [ QC-three-terminal.pdf (152K) ]

Grain boundary transmission  [ grain_boundary.pdf (16K) ]

Non-orthogonal states basis   [ nonortho.pdf (115K) ]

Tunneling formulae  [ tunneling.pdf (36K) ]

Split capacitor (conformal mapping)  [ split_capacitor.pdf (8K) ]

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