Photon Drag Effect

Prediction of the resonant photon drag effect in intersubband absorption by a two-dimensional electron gas (1987-88).

Principal collaborator: Anatoly Grinberg

We have shown that under certain conditions the momentum transferred to a 2D electronic system is not the small photon momentum but, effectively, the large Fermi momentum of a 2DEG. Direction of the drag current changes sign as the frequency of light is swept through the intersubband resonance. This effect offers the possibility of experimentally accessing the non-equilibrium kinetics in 2D subbands. It has been experimentally demonstrated by the Stuttgart group (Phys Rev Letters 64, p. 463, 1990) with an excellent agreement with our theoretical predictions. The effect has led to the implementation of ultrafast far-infrared photodetectors with improved noise properties.

Key papers: 59, 65

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