Minority Carrier Transport in Bipolar Transistors

Boltzmann-equation studies of minority-carrier transport in bipolar transistors; theory of abrupt-junction HBT; invention of the coherent transistor (1992-93).

Principal collaborator: Anatoly Grinberg

This project began with the study of minority-carrier transport in a narrow (comparable to the scattering mean free path) transistor base and led to important insights about the minority carrier transport in transistors with an abrupt emitter-base heterojunction. We proposed and theoretically analyzed a new ultra-high speed device, the coherent transistor (CT), which is predicted to be active at frequencies well above the conventional limits. The CT is limited by the dispersion in the minority-carrier transit time across the base, rather than the transit time itself.

Key papers: 102, 103, 109, 110, 114, 118, 122

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