ESE 343/543 - Mobile Cloud Computing - Spring 2015

Final Project Bulletin


we have designed an application thatwill dynamically extract flight departure timings, any changes in status and suggestions, with a dynamic traffic update feature and alternate path suggestion feature in case of heavy traffic, taking into account your current position. It will also come with weather updates to keep you notified about any unexpected climatic scenarios. On forecasting a rough weather along the path, due care is taken to add an appropriate amount of buffer time to the actual time for the journey. Additionally, the application will consider an average speed of journeyand tell you if you are on time, ahead of time or before time, to give you a sense of urgency in your quest to reach the airport on time.

Rupesh Joshi and Vivek Ramji


The studenthas to constantly keep himself updated and networked for successfully managing his semester. For example, he has to keep track of all the courses, network with fellow students and friends, keep list of daily tasks, deadlines for projects and assignments. It has been noticed that , the student who is typically unware of nearby places like banks, grocery stores, restaurants etc. finds difficult to locate such places needed in daily life. Moreover, continuously reminding himself about the various deadlines and lack of discussion about the course, also affects students personal and academic life. Thus, to accomplish various tasks and manage the things student has to install various different applications for different purposes. However, installing different application for different purposes does not solve the purpose as a whole, it comes with the cost of more phone memory usage. Hence, we have developed an application which typically provides all the utilities necessary for successfully managing the semester. This all-in-one application is coined as Student Companion.

Amit Nautiyal, Abhishek Dhaka and Simranjit Singh

Find Me

Let's face it: everyone has a friend who is constantly late, or frequently gets lost. Such people always let others wait. So if there is an application can be the tracker and saver for your friends, is it a cool thing? This application is your friends tracker to pinpoint his/her exact location in real time, so you know what time they arrive and you can plan accordingly. It is also a lifesaver. It pinpoints your missing friend's exact location and provides navigational help so you can guide them to their determined destination. It's the friend finder and friend locator. Our application 'Find me' is such a social application that helps you: ? Find your friends ? Locate your friends on a Map ? Let friends find you ? Get exact location of your destination ? Get directions, distance from friends and destination.

Ruidong Zhao, Xingjian Xu and Tianjiao Tang

Travel By Weather App

To provide essential weather information. Quick overview of transit service alerts. Provide tips based on weather outlook for the day

Christopher Sanfilippo and Julia Nam

SBU Never Late

The majority uses public transportation to travel when on campus. Students and Faculty at Stony Brook University are constantly caught running to catch the campus buses or LIRR train. Most mobile Apps. on the Marketare not quick enough to navigate throughor simple to use when on the run. Have to have Internet Access toget LIRR schedules, bus schedules, directions,etc

Yousef Elsendiony and Erluis Nacaj

Implementation of Mind Controlled Android Application (MCAA)

The Mind Control Mobile Application records and processes brain electric activity. The motivation behind this project resides in creating low-cost products for medical applications including medical instruments required for diagnosing psychological diseases and instruments for aiding paralyzed patients and also enabling them to use cell phones. This design can be implemented to control wheelchair by mind attention and meditation level. This will aid people suffering from quadriplegia; in which person loses control over parts of body below neck. The attention and meditation level of the patient will then be used to control the motion and direction of wheelchair and can also be used to control an android smartphone.

Adeel Butt, Chaudhry Khan and Sheryar Shah

Stop Sign Positioning System

Using the data produced by the vehicle itself to locate the vehicle's current position. In this project we will be using the acceleration and decelerate data at individual stop sign to pin point the vehicle's current position.

Jiang, Dianchen and Sean Cheng

Useful tool for Car Driver

Solve some problem for car driver. 1.Find where you parked car in a big parking lot orcrowded city. 2.Find nearby parking lot by pressing one button . 3.Send the current location to your friend by simple way.

Hao-Ching Shyu

Share a Taxi

Suppose a passenger has made his plans for travel and knows the time and place of his travel and he is keen on hiring a taxi for his travel. He can then use our android app Share a Taxi to lookup for other people having traveling plans in same direction and around same time and are willing to share the taxi like he wants. And if he does not find any such people, he can save his travel details using the app and later others having similar plans can search for him. The user has to first search for other passengers hiring a taxi for same places or in direction on same date and around same time. If the user finds result matching his search, he can select to ride on that taxi with the other user. If there is no matching result, the user can save his travel details on the app, so that other users with similar plans can share the ride.

Ajit Sridhar Hegde and Harishkumar Katagal


Our project is an app that can calculate the best tilt angle for the position of a solar panel, optimizing the yearly electricity production. Having the coordinates (latitude and longitude) that we obtain using Google Maps API we can make some calculus and show the user how he/she could obtain the best angle when installing a solar panel at home.

Jose Simoes Pimenta Neto and Ketlin Fabri dos Santos

Smart Gas Sensor

Implement a versatile, portable, multi-user, remote, gas sensing platform for a smart home.

Anton Chuchkov, Daniel Khemraj, Sushal Penugonda

Delivery App Using Google Could SQL

e goal of this project is to develop a mobile Android application that utilizes cloud services. For this project, I chose a delivery service app for Stony Brook University students and faculty members. With this application, they will be able to order their favorite food, coffee, or dessert from the campus dining locations and have them delivered to their desired locations. The service is also provided by Stony Brook University students and faculty members possibly at a service fee ranging from $1.00 to $2.00. The money will come from third-party advertisements, participating stores like Wendy's and Starbucks, and finally the service users if necessary. Ideally, the service providers are those who are (1) already at one of the dining locations and (2) are planning to head toward the destination, so that they can just place the orders and deliver them on their way to their original destinations. With this mobile app, many students and faculty members who are extremely busy with their assignments, projects, preparation for exams, and work will be able to save time to travel back and forth between their current location and cafeteria. Also, some students and faculty members will be able to earn some money with little investment of their time.

Hojun Lee

Smart Semi-Active RFID Tag Network

Low power sensors and logic are common and cheap. However, sensors are not in everything. My phone does NOTknow the temperature of my thermos, nor does my home thermostatknow that I am wearing Pajamas. All of these are because wireless communication is power hungry and batteries are expensive. Batteries does not last that long and we do not want to replace the batteries that often. So we want to adapt low power Low Frequency RFID communication as the communication method of a smart tag network.

Brent Schiller, Wenbin Hou

Sharemind, a Sharing and Reminding Mobile Application

Sharemind is a mobile application, which is used to share information between users,to remind upcoming events and to share progress. As the Internet becomes prevailing,network communication is more and more signi cant. Thus, various communicationtools, such as instant message software and social networks have emerged. Sharemindis, nonetheless, is di erent from both the two types of communication tools in thatwhile instant message software delivers messages in real time, Sharemind adopts anasynchronous messaging mechanism; messages in social networks are mainly broadcastto a large group of users, while in Sharemind they will be mainly sent to a single useror a small groups of users.

Yansong Wang


Perfect tool for getting around NYC. Never be lost with this app. Minimizing waiting time: with our app users don't have to wait at the train station. Works without cellular signal.

RiteshBartaula, GulnazJabarova


Rich vocabulary and knowledge of grammar rules is what most people see as essential for being able to communicate in English or in any other language. While there is certainly some truth in these words -after all there is no doubt that the knowledge of language structure and material is crucial in communication, they cannot be applied to all situations. Being able to pronounce words and understand other speakers can be of critical importance in certain situations . A good pronunciation can lead a lot to improving impression. What native speakers should work on is losing accents of their respective mother languages and practicing correct and authentic required language skill. Learning phonics can be of great help by using this write to speak application as you keep learning the phonetics in the required language. Bad pronunciation can render loss of messages or noise in the channel of communication.