Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2350, USA


Image Focus  and  Defocus  Analysis
Field Paradigm, Field Image Tomography
3D Medical Imaging (SPECT/PET,  MRI,  MEG)
Stereo Vision and 3D Model Recovery
Image/Signal Restoration and Filtering
Inverse Imaging
Integral Transforms/Equations

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Prof. Murali Subbarao       murali at

Current Graduate Research Students

           Mr. Youn-Sik  Kang,  Ph.D. Student, ECE,  Research Assistant,    yskang at  
           Mr. Shekhar Sastry, Ph.D. Student, Research Assistant,      at

Electricaland Computer Engineering Department
State University of New York at Stony Brook
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1. Dr. Lu, Ming-Chin         PhDThesisMCL     mclu at  ATT
2.  Dr. Choi, TaeSun          PhDThesisTSC      tschoi at   KJIST
3. Dr. Wei, Tse-Chung       PhDThesisTCW    twei at  Petlab
4. Dr. Surya, Gopal            PhDThesisGS        gosurya at  CISCO
5. Dr. Tyan, Jenn-Kwei     PhDThesisJKT      jktyan at  Seimens
6.  Dr. Liu, Yen-Fu             PhDThesisYFL     yenfliu at   Lucent
7.  Dr. Yuan, Ta                  PhDThesisTY        tyuan at
8.  Dr. Lin, Huei-Yung        PhDThesisHYL     hylin at     Chung cheng U
9.  Dr. Soon-Yong Park      PhDThesisSYP     sypark at  Kyungpook N. U.
10. Dr. Tao Xian                PhDThesisTX       txian2004 at  Metrologic
11. Dr. Xue Tu                   PhDThesisXueTu     xuetu08 at SONY R&D Labs, California.

Other Research Students:

   Dr. Satyaki Dutta, Ph.D., Math.
   Mr. Karthik Sathyanarayana, M.S.,
   Mr. Devadutta Ghat,  M.S.
  Qin,Xiangdong, Ph.D.
   Nikzad, Arman, M.S.
   Gurumoorthy Natarajan, M.S.