The group's scientific interests center on physics, characterization and development of optoelectronic devices and systems. Over the past several years, our efforts were focused on the studies of physics of semiconductor lasers, development of new types of light emitters and performance improvement of lasers and detectors. In most cases we attempt to identify the physical phenomena responsible for limitation of the device working characteristics and for device performance degradation (with temperature or with the level of electrical injection). Subsequently based on this understanding we optimize the device design in order to improve laser output characteristics. Among many projects completed by the group members are an improved design of 1.3 μm InP-based emitters for telecommunication; 1.5 μm InP-based lasers with world record value of peak optical power; development of new GaSb-based lasers operating at room temperature in CW regime within spectra range 2.0-3.5μm. Members of the group developed infrared LED and LED addressable arrays operate at wavelengths up to 3.8 μm at room temperature.

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→ Infrared Photonics (Applications and Sponsors) [PDF] 

 • Ongoing Research Projects

→ Lattice parameter engineering for III-V long wave infrared photonics [PDF] 

→ GaSb-based Type-I QW diode lasers [PDF] 

→ GaSb-based Type-I QW LEDs and addressable arrays operated at wavelengths up to 3.66 μm [PDF] 

→ III-V semiconductor compounds for Mercury-free Midwave and Longwave Infrared detector technology [PDF] 

 • Research Projects from 1995 to 2010

→ Dilute-nitride materials for mid-infrared photonics[PDF] 

→ Minority carrier lifetime measurements in narrow-gap semiconductor superlattice heterostructures [PDF] (6 viewgraphs)

→ 1.3μm InGaAsP MQW CMBH lasers [PDF] 

→ 1.5μm InGaAsP/InP MQW high power lasers [PDF] 

→ Design of long-wavelength laser diode arrays [PDF] 

→ Advance characterization of mid-IR type II lasers [PDF] 

→ Spectral Analysis of Electroluminescence from SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor for device and failure analysis applications [PDF] 

→ GaInAsSb/GaSb and GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb Heterostructures for TPV applications [PDF] 

→ High power CW room temperature operated GaSb-based type-I MQW diode lasers [PDF]